Russell does everything so we’re gonna give him his own entry.

He claims that seeing Eddie Cheeba in 1977 led him to a career in hip hop – he started by cofounding Def Jam records in 1983. He produced a movie in 1985. He produced HBO comedy specials and hit Eddie Murphy flicks. He co-founded a prepaid debit card company. He launched a clothing line called Phat Fashions which lead to Baby Phat and Phat Farm. He cofounded the Rush Philahthropic Arts Foundation.

The man has done everything in entertainment and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He is known to be a vegan Christian yogi and Practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. He’s a friend of pre-president Donald Trump and a critic of president Donald Trump. He has been accused by a dozen women of sexual assault and/or rape.

He discovered and rose to fame the band that would become Run DMC.

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